“When I think of my fondest memories, they are always in a world of warmth and light. One of my happiest is seeing my wife walk down the aisle on our wedding day. I know the church was dark and dimly lit, but my memory reimagines her in a world so bright that the light surrounds her in a soft glow. It is this feeling I strive to recreate in my work and imbue in every image of your wedding day.”

I use an approach that is a blend of fine art and documentary styles to create honest, beautiful, and timeless images. I work the day shooting details that could stand alone as art in your home as well as documenting real moments as they come. In the end, my goal is for you to be sitting on your couch remembering your wedding day with loved ones, watching a story-rich wedding film or looking at magazine-quality album spreads that are your photos telling your wedding story.