Love Binds Family Together

Allie actually contacted me to do her family portraits with their newly adopted son (photos will be in a separate post). During pre-production, I learned about their amazing story on her blog ( and used the opportunity to make my first story-telling film about Miles’ journey.


  1. Allie is our daughter; Jamie, the best son in law, and MILES is the greatest gift given to our family. We loved and enjoyed the attention paid to them in this video…..but the music overshadowed their dialogue. Beautifully photographed, and appreciated. This is a wonderful testimony to their family and I foresee a great future for your company.

    Thank you for sharing this with the world.

    Kiki… Miles grandmother….

    1. Thanks for the constructive comment! As this is my first film, I am still placing a lot of thought and care into it’s final form and have made some of your suggested changes. I think the film is a bit stronger now and I thank you!

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