Hits and Misses

I’m going to start a new blog series in which I recap the month’s “Hits and Misses.” I’m definitely looking for theme suggestions if Hits and Misses is too corny. Anyway, here I go…

The hits…
– Chocolate Chip Pancakes
– Beer bread (the babes brought this back from a trip. I’m very excited to bake it and try it out!)
– Getting a chance to take self portraits of the babes and I
– Second shooter at a wedding for Eric Kelley
– Beginning to run again

…and misses
– Trying to make said pancakes healthy by imbuing them with protein powder (yuck!)
– 1-800-Flowers.com delivered dead flowers for Vday…just can’t get good help these days
– Brushfires in VA
– Ref above. This made a 2 hr drive from Williamsburg an all-night ordeal
– Beginning to run again…so hard on the knees

chocolate whey-imbued chocolate chip pancakes. looked “whey” better than they tasted

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