You can call it L.O.V.E.

Self-Portrait of Us

Call it destiny, or whatever, but “it” seems to always makes sure you end up with “the one you can count your lucky stars for.” Many moons ago (probably ~200 new moons), our paths began to cross in 8th grade as some crazy girl loved the smell of my flannel jacket (thanks to Snuggle liquid fabric softener) and constantly stole it. If this was a sign, I was kinda aloof and didn’t give into destiny’s whim.

Engaged! – Photo courtesy of Cramer Photo

However, destiny refused to give up as it tangled our fates like a stubborn set of Christmas lights. It was nearly 9 years later at a university of 38,000+ students over 100 miles away from our home town, we met up again and I realized she was actually really cute and funny, and she realized, well, I was still a dork – but I grew on her. We eventually became friends, dance partners, and best friends.

I felt bad asking Sarah to stay a little longer to keep taking photos at our wedding, but was very glad because she captured this, my favorite image from the entire day – Photo Courtesy of Cramer Photo

Graduation threatened to pull our paths apart again, but made me realize I had “fallen” for this crazy flannel-stealing girl – a fact I confessed with an eventual promise that I will never leave her side. We were engaged in 2007 and married in 2008 and I have been loving every minute that we get to spend with each other.

Taken by our talented friend, Allison Newcomer, a fellow up-and-coming photographer in Northern VA – Photo Courtesy of Allison Newcomer

You guessed it – I can count my lucky stars that destiny chose this girl to be the one I spend the rest of my life with. Jen, I’m so thankful that you are my ever-loving partner for aimless driving/exploring when in a new place, there to keep you brave during horrific zombie movies/video games, and the beautiful reminder that life isn’t so bad when times get tough. I look forward to many more moons spent with you!

More self portraits that we took…

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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